Winter Solstice Celebration 2016

 Ecstatic Dancing

Delicious Home-Cooked Meal

Sacred Winter Solstice Ceremony

Chance to Win $100 Gift Basket

Reserve Your Presence

(limited space of 16 guests)

$ 35.00

Winter Solstice Celebration 2016 

Our December event will focus on the celebration and honouring of Winter Solstice. We are holding the gathering on the Saturday before the actual date of Winter Solstice that’s on Dec. 21st. The reason for this is that understanding our modern-day lives, it can be difficult to gather during a week night. This is a very special time of year to come together to celebrate and feast!

This is a continuation of our commitment to host a gathering once a month to gather and foster love, sharing, knowledge and connection. Our desire is to create enjoyable and inspiring events and gatherings that we can look forward to at least once a month. In the spirit of this intention, please feel free to add members to our group and Invite them to our gatherings.

We are so pleased to have Jennifer Coburn join us with an Ecstatic Dance class followed by a delicious home cooked meal featuring some traditional Winter Solstice / yule food, drink and ceremony. Antero and I will be creating a magical space for the beautiful evening we have planned for all of you. All guests will have a chance to win a lovely gift basket valued over $100.00. For those planning to attend, who will be travelling from away, are welcome to stay the night at Sophia’s Garden, so you can join us without the worry of a long drive home. We look forward to seeing you at our “Spirit of Winter Solstice Celebration”!

Cost of the event is $35 and limited to 16 guests. Please contact Tonya Steinborn to reserve and pay by Interac e-Transfer or click on Paypal button~ Thank you!

Our celebration will begin at 4:30 with a Ecstatic Dance by Jennifer Coburn.

In Celebration of the Solstice, we will put our feet to the Earth, let our minds be still and move into a dance of body, heart and spirit.

The dance structure is based on the Five Rhythms Dance Method and Sweat Your Prayers. So, the music selection is structured to move in a wave, starting out slowly, building to a crescendo then moving into playfulness and connection, and ending finally in stillness.

Basically, it’s a “barefoot boogie Five Rhythms dance jam”!

All ages are welcome and no experience is required. Together, we will be co-creating a safe environment in which to play through movement and dance.

Our meal will be served at 6:30.

We will enjoy a full course turkey {free range, locally raised} meal with all the fixings including dessert. There will be a vegetarian option {NOT tofu} and gluten free options. In addition, some traditional Solstice/Yule drink and food will be prepared adding to the flavour of our celebration!

Our Winter Solstice Ceremony begins at 8:00.

Blessed Be Everyone!