About Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio

“Spirit of the Elements” by Josephine Wall

Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio is a dedicated home space for creative, alternative and inspiring minds. Our vision is to share teachings, skills and wisdom for higher learning and better living. Our relaxed and friendly atmosphere says it all: a home school for creative living and happiness!

Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio exposes the creative, inventive, imaginative, experimental, artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary, spiritual rays of the human soul – OUR ORIGINAL SELF!

Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio hosts and facilitates a spectrum of unique classes, workshops, retreats and socials. These courses may vary from practical arts and crafts to ancient spiritual practices. Teachers and instructors encourage us to take action in changing our lives for true success and health. Some workshops vary in time duration such as hourly or weekly instructions to residential retreats of three or more days.

The residential retreats offer an option for in-house accommodations, access to private forestland, secluded beaches, and gourmet meals (breakfast, lunch, and supper). This all-exclusive option is perfect for those who want a deeper and immersing experience. However, this option is on a first-come-first-serve basis due to limited space.

Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio is simply a memorable experience of “coming home”.

Sophia’s Garden Healing Arts Studio welcomes you to be part of our family!