My Story.

I have experienced the power of natural healing practices and been witness to it as well. Along this journey, I discovered my calling and my passion that has turned into my full time career. I have dedicated the last eleven years to education and training in the healing arts. This has been a life long journey that will continue to unfold as my quest for knowledge, healing and discovery has only begun. 

Tonya Steinborn

founder of Earth Elemental Natural Therapies

" I created Earth Elemental Natural Therapies to help women find their path to wellness through natural practices."

I was a child of the 70’s and raised on a small family homestead in Southern Alberta. We were homesteaders when it was not trendy nor hip to be one. My childhood was to say the least unconventional. We grew our own food, drank raw milk and canned and preserved everything. When it came to our health there was no exception and I often found myself dealing with some concoction my mother whipped up to heal me. Caster oil and mustard packs or even the occasional tobacco poultice on a skinned knee or other injury did the trick. I survived and in fact thrived on real home-grown food and home-grown medicine. This was the seed that was planted that sparked my love of natural healing and my life long journey as a healer. 

It was at the age of thirteen that I faced my first serious illness. It was the first time my mother was unable to nurse me back to health on her own. and so, my healing journey began. This health illness lead to chronic infections, weakened immune system, drastic weight gain, and depression. Medical doctors were puzzled and unable to find the root cause of my failing health.

My mother, in desperation, took me to a naturopathic clinic in Montana. It was there that I was put on a cleansing and detoxication program which included acupuncture, magnetic therapy, herbs, vitamins and other natural remedies. Within a year, I lost 100 pounds, regained my health, and once again, returned to being a happy and energetic teenager.

It was this experience that became my personal testimony and solidified  the power of these natural healing practices. From this point on, each time I face a health issue, weight gain, illness or injury, I always returned to natural healing practices to heal myself. I truly feel that without this approach to healing I would not be here today!

" Nature is the source and guiding force of creation and wisdom. The natural way is the healing way."

Tonya's Education & Training